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Cloud Data Migration

This solution assisted with migration of Spark workloads from Cloudera Hadoop Cluster to Cloud Dataproc. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit.

Reporting and Analytics Solution for Employee Metrics

Our client needed a tool to help them report on internal metrics, highly specific to their organization. With the data gathered, they wanted to have a single view globally even as other geos were on different technology.

Policy Impact Intelligence Tool

This specialized solution enables the collection of highly-specific policy and regulatory data that enterprises can use to synthesize changes and anticipate impacts to their business models.

Adoption and Gamification Layer for Enterprise Tools

For enterprises thinking of updating their enterprise toolsets, this solution provides a continuous learning and adoption layer, placed over an enterprise application which gives a consistent and engaging space for learning and earning activities across an entire enterprise.

Data Conversion and Migration

This solution enables an on-premise Oracle EBS client to migrate data to Oracle Fusion Cloud quickly.

Data Platform and Data Model Repository

This solution involves a centralized platform-driven approach which an organization can leverage to connect to any type of data through next generation technology.