This solution involves a centralized platform-driven approach which an organization can leverage to connect to any type of data through next generation technology:

  • To gain strategic and competitive advantage
  • To deliver services with enhanced quality and efficiency
  • To provide clients value by turning data into insights
  • To provide clients value by turning data into insights
  • Eliminate manual data cleansing and processing time
  • Create reusable data models enterprise wide to increase data usability


Use architect-driven microservices allow unlimited connections to data using Azure components on the Azure Cloud Platform

Significantly reduce data processing and data cleansing time

Project Accelerators

  • Dev-ops recipes
  • Architecture design templates
  • Team workflow methodology
  • Product ideation accelerator workshop
  • Product demo feedback loops


  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Container Registry/Keyvault/AKS
  • Complete CI/CD on Azure DevOps
  • Infra Services
  • Data/Cloud Architect
  • Data/Cloud Engineer
  • Azure SME
  • UX/UI Expert
  • DevOps Engineers