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Data Piper is proud to be a preferred provider of Google Cloud Partner Advantage, providing advanced technical mastery in a range of Google Cloud Platform services. We recently debuted an award winning Billing Analytics solution which customizes cost reporting and gives insight into monitoring and analyzing cost and usage optimization over time. Data Piper has a range of experience with Google Cloud Platform, including data migration, architecture optimization, disaster recovery, job and workflow redesign, and more. Plus we have also implemented the change management frameworks to prepare teams to start on new processes and tasks. Contact us for a detailed conversation of what we can do to help you


Data Piper now also has partner expertise in Anthos: Hybrid/Multi-Cloud App Platform

Billing Analytics - Financial Costs Reporting

Data Piper Team can help you customize the GCP billing usage reports to deep dive in Monitoring and Analyzing Costs/Usage over time.

Our Strategy

Implement the Standard Solution Template using Customer’s data to Monitor and Analyze Costs / Usage over time

Review with the Stakeholders to optimize the Solution as per their Requirements

Review the Final solution with the key Executives to get the final approvals on Functional and KPI details.

Data Sources

Stackdriver Log Export

Billing data Export

Data Warehouse (DW)


Data Studio


GCP Costs Breakdown

GCP Cost Summary

Cost by Team

Cost by Project

Cost by Product

Cost by GCP Service

Credit Distribution


Analyze Costs / Usage By Projects, Org Hierarchy, BU, Teams, Market, Cost Center

Extended Solutions

Workload Modeling

Capacity Planning

Usage Forecasting

Cost / Credit Allocations and Chargebacks


Actionable Insights with advanced Cost Visualizations built on standard GCP Services

Analyze Cloud Costs and Discounts (Credits) over time i.e.

Committed Use Discounts (CUD)

Sustained Use Discounts (SUD)

Analyze Spikes / Anomalies in the usage based on historical trends

Quick turnaround / Realized Benefits

GCP Cost Summary

Google Cloud Platform Migrations